Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving...Still Celebrating!

Autumn is finally here!  The leaves are turning and helping us celebrate Thanksgiving!  What a great week we have had!  Still eating leftovers, turkey and it is not just the turkey who was stuffed!  Andrea and I have been sewing like fury....she (at 11:00 PM ) is still in my studio sewing away.  She is working on a really cute Christmas pattern.

My turkey wall hanging is one I made several years ago from fabric I bought at Keepsake Quilters' in New Hampshire.  That was on the first big trip Dick and I ever took...East for the Fall colors.
Andrea posted this picture of me from 1965 on her blog, so I thought for those of you that don't see hers, I should put it on mine.  I was 25 and that was probably my first (maybe second) turkey.  We were living in Alaska on a shoe string, so having a big ol' bird like that was a real  treat.  He was baked in an oven that would barely hold him...a small apartment stove.  The sink in the back ground was an ugly double sink with the removable wooden cover for one side.  I remember that I didn't know the giblets were in the turkey, so they got baked the little paper sack!  Those were the days...this looks like a perfect "Betty Crocker" moment!

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  1. You look so proud of yourself and I love your pin. Cooking with style!! Love it.