Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visit to Missouri

This past week, Dick and I went to Missouri to attend the funeral of an elderly aunt and to visit with family.  We made better time driving than we thought we would so we had time to stop by an art museum in Kansas City on our way through.  The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art was new to us as it was built after we were in the area....a lovely gallery...located right across the street from the Art Insitute of KC and next door to their ceramic building....all a very pretty area with lots of older buildings as well as some ultra modern ones...a good mix!
Wouldn't this painting make an interesting quilt?

This is a wall sculpture at the Kemper.  The attendents were setting up for a wedding reception to be held there.  I was impressed with the nearly mirror like floors!


The Kemper is very proud of their giant spider outside the entrance and on the right is a sculpture on the inside entrance.

The Crying Giant is also a very favorite of the Kemper, outside also on the grounds.

On the right is the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery of Kansas City.  When I lived there, the new, modern buildings were not there.  They have been added, to much controversy I am sure!  We didn't have time to visit there, too, so will have to plan to do that another visit.

On the left is the entrance to the Art Institute and the ceramic department building at the Institute on the right.

We had wonderful fall weather as you can tell.  Kansas City is a beautiful city....very classy!  A wonderful mix of old and new.  I think in my next life, I will attend the Art Institute there...wish I had known about it fifty years ago!

We also came home with a bushel and a half of Jonathon apples which we can not get in Texas so I am busy peeling and freezing...making pies and apple butter!

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  1. Why does it not surprise me that you all made it to a museum.....

    Yes, I agree the top picture would make a great quilt.

    I thought the picture of the wall sculpture and the wedding set up was all one sculpture until you said the floor was mirror like and I realized that it was just a really wide shot....very cool.