Friday, November 20, 2009

I Have a New Interest!

Just what I need....a new passion!  I really enjoyed the workshop and hearing our guild speaker today and yesterday.  The artist is Larkin Van Horn and I love her work!  She really goes beyond "beading"; I am very interested in trying some of her techniques to embellish my works.  The workshop yesterday was great...I learned so much...and had a terrific time with all my fellow guild members who were there.  Then today at the guild meeting, Larkin lectured and showed slides of even more of her work and the beaded art of others who have learned from her.  She lives on Whidby Island, WA. We visited there about four years ago...beautiful spot.  I could go back there for a visit!

Larkin asked that we not post any of her works on blogs, etc., pictures taken were just for our own private interest. She has a lot of her art on her website if anyone would like to look her up.  We are hoping to have her back sometime to do maybe a two day workshop, because yesterday, we just had time to get many of the basics down. 

Tomorrow, lunch with all the kids to celebrate my and Dick's birthdays.  We were heading for Alaska when Dick had his birthday, and mine was in the middle of the week...and all these kids and grands have jobs and school.  Looking forward to seeing all of them.

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