Monday, November 23, 2009

A Mystery Solved!.....and......

A couple of days ago, Dick went out to get the paper and noticed that something had been nibbling on my begonias.  They have been just gorgeous 'way past their usual decline time.  The next day, he came in with the paper and stated that the mystery was solved!  Not only did we discover that DEER like begonias, but that they also love pansies!  So while we lay sleeping, those beautiful creatures that I love to watch, were chowing down on my flower garden!!  Apparently they don't care for geraniums or kale so I will know next year what to plant more of and what not to plant at all!!

And....what a nice weekend we had...our kids took us out to lunch on Saturday.  We all met Andrea halfway in Arlington and had a great time together.  We made our plans for Thanksgiving...really looking forward to having everyone here.  Andrea is going to spend nearly a week with us....she and I are going to have a "sew-a-thon" all weekend, then go with me to my studioQ meeting on Monday.

I purchased my turkey today...the ol' boy is in the fridge as we speak just thawing out!  Actually, it is a "young turkey"...and I also will have a ham and all the other stuff!!  I plan to cook tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, then  I will not have to cook again for at least a week!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to All if I don't get back on here before then.!!

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