Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Time...and Christmas

With company coming tomorrow (the poker bunch!) and my brother and sister-in-law coming Sunday, I decided we had better get started on the decorations!  Dick has put up the wreaths outside...this picture is really from a couple of years ago, but the wreaths and house look the same, just no snow now.  And I am working on my wall hangings, Santas, tree inside, etc.  Today started out cold and wet but ended up sunny and warmer...perfect for outdoor decorating....unlike our usual choice of days...really wintery!

I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do for everyone, but did get my gifts for my Illinois people (where my family is from) so my brother can take it all back with him when he goes home.  My sister-in-law is originally from Texas, so they are spending time with lots of family while in the state.

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