Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not how I like to spend a Monday!

Frog Fact # 16: Horned frogs prefer to sit still and use camouflage to avoid Predators.  However, if forced to move, they run a short distance, then stop immediately and hope their camouflage works!

Saturday night as I was on the computer, I began to get all these horrible messages flashing at me that I had a virus, etc.  I figured it was something "out there" trying to sell me somethng so I signed off and shut down.  Sunday when I got on, there was this really ugly green screen on my desktop instead of my beautiful picture of Chaco Canyon!  So I proceeded to get in touch with the Dell tech support.  Was told to run my protection stuff, which I did then if that didn't work, call them back and "we" would try something else!  As it was getting late, I waited until Monday morning to get back with them.

So Monday mornng, I spent 4 1/2 hours on the phone/ computer....at least 3 hours of that was sitting on hold!  I have bonded quite nicely with a guy in India...once I got to the right place....I was misdirected twice...but when Srihandan and I finallly connected, he cleaned up my computer and even talked me into buying a stronger antivirus program...Somehow, my free one off the Internet wasn't quite up to the job!

Fortunately, I had not planned on going anywhere today and did have a very good book to read while listening to classical music....and promotional spiels from Dell.  I had planned to do some sewing on my recipe blocks but that will have to happen tomorrow!

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