Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From Saturday Night On, A Great Week!!

"A mind too active is no mind at all."  Theodore Roethke

Saturday...rodeo and dinner with the family at Marti's.  We were going to have the dinner after the rodeo at our house, but because we had no fridge and our power was being very erratic, we decided to do all the cooking but take everything into Marti's.  Andrea came here after everything and spent the night.

Sunday....Andrea helped me download our new, wonderful "anti-virus" etc. program.  Then after she left, the guys from Loew's showed up with our new refrigerator.  It is really nice...the French doors with the pull out freezer drawer.

Monday....I hosted the studioQ group here...we had a great time playing with monoprinting on gelatin blocks.  I had made small ones for everyone to have and covered up all my stuff in my studio to protect it from wild painters. (If you watch "Dexter", the good serial killer, I was preparing my room like he does his "kill" room!)

Here we are painting away on our little blocks.  And here are some of the prints..I have been playing around with it today on different fabric...black..and am beginning to really like the process.

After we cleaned up, while the prints were drying, we had our show and tell.  Here is some of the wonderful examples of what this terrific group can do!

Here is one of Heathers.
                               This is Nancy's "recipe" quilt, so far.

And this is Susan's "recipe" quilt.

And another quilt by Heather...using a lot of her own hand dyed.
Bethany shows a quilt she and her daughter are making together.
Wendy also dyes most of her own fabric.

Beth is showing a quilt she did with an international group.  (My new fridge in the background!)

And...the sun came out today for the first time in days....and..granddaughter made it to district swimmeet which is next weekend!!

All in all...a great week..so far!!!


  1. love the ethnic quality of the "recipe" quilts~!!~ why do you call them that?


  2. Our group "studioQ", likes to challenge ourselves so a few months ago, someone suggested an idea she had done when teaching. Every month you make a block..the Ingredient..and the blocks make up a guilt which was made according to the "recipe"..we took it a few steps beyond that...each of us put a word, a phrase, a description, etc in a bag and each month we draw out one. then we make the block to show next time. Some are making a quilt as they go, (Nancy and Susan)some are just making blocks...unrelated...but showing their interpretation of the given word. Some of mine are related, but not always...when we are all finished, we will group them together and see what we have. I think my previous blog shows my last two "ingredients" which were Pain and Earth Awareness. does that help explain?

  3. yes~very interesting way to work~!~ and beautiful results too~!!