Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day Thirty One of Blogging Challenge

What a great year it has been!!  The first year (2014) of widowhood  (is that a word) is kind of a fog!  So many things to learn about, so many emotions to deal with, decisions to make, etc.  This second year (2015) has been a little different...I have thrown myself into a whirl wind of kids teasingly have said they need an appointment to see me! So for my final blog of the 31 day challenge, let me give a review of the past year.

Laura and Sara
    Started this great year with these two sweet girls asking me to officiate at their wedding if and when gay marriage became legal in the United States! I was very honored by their request and had a research job ahead of me to figure out how to get certified!

Colin in purple
Got to attend many swim meets to watch my grandson compete with his high school team. He graduates this year so this will be the end of many years of watching him swim!
At Quilt Con  with Kay and Andrea
In February, I went to Quilt Con (a convention dedicated to the Modern Quilt Movement) in Austin, TX with daughter Andrea and friend Kay. Got to meet one of our Art Quilters Around The World members from India, Shruti.
Jay and Shruti Dandekar
March introduced me to the Fort Worth Theater Scene.  Dick and I would go occasionally but I have become a real fan this year!  I have become good friends with a lady here at the Villas where I live who has Season tickets to several theaters and has been very generous inviting me to several productions.
Stage West Theater, Fort Worth, Texas
Texas Weather: We had snow in March!
My patio
April brought Easter with most of my Easter Egg hunt this year!
Family selfie
April also brought Andrea's birthday....I went to her home in McKinney to spend time with her...great plans foiled when I took a tumble outside of the DMA and had my first ambulance ride!
April-trip to La Grange with gal pals to the Texas Quilt Museum.
SAQA members with Judith Comfort- Art quilter
In May I joined the YMCA...have a plan to work out and a couple of classes to attend.
Five minutes from my condo
June brought the Supreme Court decision declaring Gay Marriage legal! I had gotten licensed and married Sara and Laura! A beautiful occasion!!

July-spent Fourth of July with Andrea so we missed the usual big show at Botanical Gardens

August/September brought our big trip to two daughters, my granddaughter and I....spent just over two weeks...taking the ferry from Bellingham Washington to Juneau, Alaska...flew to Fairbanks...train down to Anchorage, going through Denali, Talkeetna, and beautiful landscape everywhere! And we had a goal of spreading Dick's ashes at many memorable places he and I had visited.
Our Dick Dodds' Farewell Tour T-Shirts on the Alaskan Ferry
From Grizzlies...
Denali Glaciers...we saw it all!!
September/ Trinity Valley Quilt Show...I had five entries and got four ribbons! I feel pretty good about that!

This was my Auction Entry which won a first place, but I didn't get a picture with the ribbon.
October was a time to finish up several quilts..I had done one for the SAQA online Auction...was doing one for a lady who is writing a book about the USA Space Program,
and several others for my Art Quilters Around The World and studioQ challenges.
SAQA Auction
studioQ- The Tear 
studioQ - Van Gogh's "Chair"
And Halloween...Andrea and I went to a Halloween Party! First time in years!
Remember...It is all in the make up!!

November-my birthday...I partied several times!
With Friends
And more friends

And family!

My grown up Grandkids!

studioQ at Christmas lunch together
Adult coloring books were a big hit!

What a great year!  And I have really enjoyed blogging this month!  I plan to continue blogging...not EVERYDAY but I will try for a couple times a week.  I am going to pick up my Memory Mondays blog again....I think I left off with my Sophomore year in college! Now there is an opportunity for pure boredom...following my life antics!

     A new year begins tomorrow....looking forward to what exciting events will happen in 2016! But I think I will need to slow down a little...I've been a little too busy!

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  1. Congratulations on a productive and fulfilling year! And here's to a fabulous 2016! Happy New Year, Jay!