Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day Two of Blogging Challenge

     Day 2 of the blogging challenge...I still don't have my AQATW "Texture" ready to post yet so I am going to show you the latest challenge that studioQ is doing!  This challenge, which I am loving, is to take a masterpiece presented by one of our members and  create an art quilt from its inspiration....being as literal or abstract as one wishes!
      The first masterpiece chosen was Van Gogh's "Chair with Pipe".
Van Gogh's "Chair with Pipe"
   And here are some of our interpretations:
Jay's-I decided to  print a small picture of the masterpiece of part of my quilt each time. You can click on any picture to get an enlargement.
Lynn's-one of our mixed media artists
Beth's-another mixed media artist
Heather's-One of three...she just couldn't stop!

Kay's (spells chair)
Andrea's (my daughter-an honorary member is doing the challenge with us)

      We are going to be doing a new masterpiece challenge each month.  Tomorrow I'll show you our second one based on what was thought to be a detail of a Gustav interesting twist!

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