Friday, December 11, 2015

Day Eleven of Blogging Challenge


Clubhouse at Villas
       We are deep into Holiday Cheer here at the Villas where I have a condo. Our little Social Chairperson has just been full of ideas this year for our entertainment! Last Sunday we had our annual Christmas Dinner which we had catered by Olive Garden. To make it special, she asked a few of us to help serve the meal rather than do buffet style. A couple reasons...being a catered meal meant a specific portion per person and although one never knows, it would be bad if the first half got more food than those at the back of the line. Then we thought it would add to the festivities especially when we donned our cute little aprons which Social Chair provided!
       The dinner went quite well and we need not have concerned our selves about the food! Olive Garden really did a great job in providing...we had lasagna and fettuccine with enough breadsticks to feed an army....and salad left over, nearly half of what they had prepared! For dessert we had individual  miniature tiramisu in a variety of flavors.
      To top the evening off, Chair had asked part of her church's  youth choir to come entertain  us with some Christmas music. A lovely group of young  boys and girls!  We were expecting a 12 and under age group and Chair had arranged to feed them pizza at the end of the evening. Well, when two or three six footers plus turned up in the group, we were a little concerned that the two pizzas ordered would not be enough.....but, saved by Olive Garden! After the pizza was quickly consumed, we had plenty of leftover pasta, salad and breadsticks to serve the kids! Most of the girls filled up on salad while the big guys chowed down on pasta!
      Every event is a learning experience....while all went smoothly, we have one major change for next year!!!! And that is to have a cleanup committee in addition to the serving committee!

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  1. Appears your day turned out just perfect! Enjoy the rest of the holidays!