Monday, December 21, 2015

Day Twenty one of Blogging Challenge

     Only four more days until Christmas! My daughter from McKinney will be here Wednesday to spend the rest of the week with me. On Wednesday afternoon we will go over to my other daughter's for our traditional sugar cookie making. I have done cutout sugar cookies with my kids since they were little. And we carry on the tradition with my grand kids.
      I make the icing; we add color and then all the extras to make them beautiful! Sprinkles, red hots, raisins. When my kids were little, they could each invite one person over to decorate with us. The guests could take home their own decorated cookies. One year a little neighbor girl, maybe about four, came to decorate cookies. She had never done it before but she sure liked my icing! And once she found out she could take them home, she piled on the icing so thick it was practically dripping over the sides!
      Here are our last year's cookies...we have quite a competition going! I'll try to post a picture of this years' when we are finished.

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