Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day Thirteen of Blogging Challenge

     Our Villas Social Chair person is really making the Holiday Season special around here! Last weekend was our Christmas Dinner and today is our first annual Christmas Open House! Several of us, as we moved in, had done some extensive and/ or unusual remodeling so our sweet Chair came up with the idea for an Open House to show off our homes!
      The Open House is for Villas residents only to visit....or I would invite all of you to come! You all will just have to come at some other time, at least to see mine! I am ready! Bring 'em on!!!

My front door
Some of Dick's carvings
My Christmas present to myself! A new storm door! I can lower the top
half to get fresh air in!

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  1. Looks very Christmassy, Jay! Have fun at the open house!