Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day Ten of Blog Challenge

     The holiday season! December is always such a busy month. And fifty two years ago today, my second nephew was born....just a couple weeks before Dick and I got married. (A whole 'nother story for my Memory Mondays).  We had chosen December 29 so Dick, who was in the Air Force at the time, could also be home on leave for Christmas.  A few days before Christmas we had driven home ( Missouri and Illinois) from  Nevada where he was stationed and I was working
      When we got to my parents, my sister who lived in a different town was there with her family...husband, a not quite two year old and a ten day old baby. As I previously mentioned, my mom really does Christmas in a big way! But not only is the house full of holiday festivities, but also wedding preparations!  I don't know if it was the custom every where, but in my hometown wedding gifts were on display in the dining room for all who visited to see. A lovely display of shiny things to intrigue a not quite two year old!
      The new baby, David, is in a wicker bassinet, sleeping away. Everyone is busily doing something. Then the baby awakens and is crying at the top of his little lungs as only a hungry newborn can! As everyone is busy and knowing he will soon be attended to, no one runs in immediately to  see to him! He suddenly stops crying...this is more alarming because hungry babies don't just quit crying! So my sister goes in the room where he is and is totally amazed! Her ten day old super baby has tuned himself over! Thus more comfortable and no longer crying. She picks him up and brings him out for all of us to see what a wonder child he is! 
      While we are all aaahing and oooohing over him my 22 year old soon to be husband wanders in and informs us that David did not turn over on his own, that because everyone seemed busy, he took it upon himself to turn David over. Dick said he had seen everyone else do that when the baby got fussy so he was just helping out! Big laugh all around!
      Now for those of you reading this today, you might not realize that men of age 22 or any age for that matter, rarely had much to do with babies, especially someone else's! So my sister was totally impressed with my choice of husband, as were my mom, my grandmother and three female cousins who were also there! None of them except for my mom had previously met Dick, so this incident quickly gave him the seal of approval!
Baby David today...with one of his grandson's!