Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day Twenty Six of Blogging Challenge


Everyone colors!
Even my SIL!
     Yesterday, Christmas, was such a fun day! As I had blogged before, we hang stockings for Santa to fill! This year Santa was inspired to put adult coloring books and markers in all the girls' stockings. What a hit! They had to share with my SIL and grandson; Santa should have given them their own!!!
      After stockings and the unwrapping of a few gifts we had a very tasty Christmas dinner... The main course being a pork loin which actually came out looking like the picture from Pinterest where my daughter got the recipe.

Our yummy pork loin!
           Then after eating, we finished unwrapping gifts and had our choice of desserts...cherry crisp, blackberry cobbler, and/or chocolate pie. An hour or so of card playing....and the day was over. We divided up the leftovers and everyone went home. Great time had by all!!!


  1. Sounds like it was picture perfect. No puns intended! Happy day after.