Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day Twenty Four of Blogging Challenge

      When my sister's first grandchild was three or four years old (about thirty years ago!) she decided to make him a needle point stocking. Sadly, she was diagnosed with brain cancer, and, although she lived for two years after, she was not able to finish the stocking. I volunteered to finish it for her, of course. Knowing nothing about needle point, I persevered and and got 'er done! Little did I know at the time that this was the start of something grand!
      My sister's four kids went on to have a total of eight grand kids. On Dick's side of the family, we have two nieces and one nephew and they have a total of five kids.  Then Dick's sister had twins who are of the same age as our grandchildren, so I couldn't leave them out! And of course we have two grandchildren! So I have made a total of seventeen needlepoint stockings! And not one of them are  the same!

My grandkids needlepoint stockings
My grandkids with their stockings....a Senior in High School and a Senior in College!
     Now my sister's grand kids have started to have babies...we have seven and two on the way!! And who knows where that will all stop with all the other original stocking owners! I didn't get started with this generation, thank goodness!


  1. You must be an expert needlepointer by now! They are beautiful!
    Merry Christmas, Jay!

  2. What a nice grandma and aunt you are!