Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day Thirty of Blogging Challenge

My Minion Tee shirt from Alaska
      I have become a big Minion fan in the past year!  So much so that my kids got this tee shirt for me when we were in Alaska this past summer! There are always so many "Minionisms"posted on Facebook; I have been "saving" them and have quite a folder of them going....Hmmmm! I think I see a source for new blog topics starting next year!
       Realizing this is my next to the last entry for this challenge, I have already been giving some thought to my last one. And, as it is not only the last challenge blog, but also the last day of the year, I feel obligated to really write something outstanding!
       Tune in tomorrow to  read what words of wisdom I have to share with you!!! Or not!! I may just bore you to Death!!!

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