Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Day Nine of Blogging Challenge

     I became so enthused about my blogs on "Let there be peace..." that I forgot I was going to continue my "Memory Mondays" blog this past Monday, so have decided to forgo it until next month when this challenge is over. By then I will be in the habit of blogging, but probably not everyday!
      So today I am going to brag on my grandson who is a Senior at Paschal High this year. He has made a decision of where he is going to college next year. After much consideration over several colleges he applied to and was accepted to, he plans to go to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.
University of Arkansas Bound!
      And he already has the t-shirt collection started!  It is located in a beautiful area of Arkansas, very near Bentonville, home to one of my favorite art museums, Crystal Bridges.  I've been there four times and now have an excuse to go even more!

Crystal Bridges-American Art on 120 acres of beautiful Ozark forest
Early Fall at Crystal Bridges

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