Monday, January 4, 2016

Memory Monday

     My Sophomore year at Mizzoui! I was having a blast! Our house in Greektown was right next door to a fraternity which was our " brother" fraternity. I can't remember the name of it but I developed some very good guy friends through our relationship with them.
     Although I had a great pledge mom who was a Senior that year, I was still having 'way too much fun and not taking my studies too seriously! Our first semester didn't end until after Christmas, so finals were a looong way off to worry about!
     My best friend from home was getting married over Christmas break and Mizzou had been invited to the Orange Bowl so I had a lot of activities much more important than studies to worry about! I was to be a bridesmaid in her wedding....our dresses were being made by a lady at home. There were four of us...two of us very tall, and two very short. Two of our dresses were green velvet with white fur outlining the low cut neckline, long sleeved and fitted through the waist and long, full skirts. The other two wore the same dress in red velvet! We carried white fur muffs with a small poinsettia pinned to it. My friend Barbee was an only child for many years and her mom was pretty well off so her wedding knew no limits! It was truly a fairy tale wedding!
Picture muff with red poinsettia 
     The reception took place at the local Country Club "Old Orchard"; the only problem I had was that, previously, I had talked my parents into driving to Miami, Florida with a few college friends and we were to leave that night! One of my sorority sisters who lived in Columbia and a Senior; my best friend Beth, a Junior; her sister Suzanne who was a Senior; their younger brother Teddy a Freshman; and I were heading South. We were to meet in Columbia at one o'clock that night (they had planned then so I could be in the wedding and go to Miami!) My mom, with my little brother for company on the way home, drove me to Columbia in the middle of the night on a bitter cold, but clear Decenber night! They were just about ready to take off without me because we were running late!  Such a great Mom!

Ticket Stub the Orange Bowl 1960 ($4.00)
      But we did get there in time; stuffed my suitcase in the car and off we went on our big adventure...and what an adventure it was!!!



  1. Love it! Who did Mizzou play and what was the score? Did the marriage thrive and survive? Inquiring minds want to know.