Monday, January 18, 2016

Memory Monday

       Here we are in Coral Gables! My friend Joanie's aunt and uncle had friends with a boat who took us all for a trip on the canals and around Biscayne Bay! We were very aware that it was below freezing and snowing in Columbia, Missouri while we were cruising around Florida!
Boat Ride on Florida Canal
      I had never seen such a bright sun....bluest water ever...and tropical plants and birds everywhere!!  Pelicans are the most fascinating birds....they were all over the place...roosting on piers,  soaring in the sky! Have you ever been in the wrong place when a little bird flew over and relieved himself? Well, let me tell you....until you have been "blessed" by a pelican, you have nothing to complain about! I was the lucky recipient as we were cruising around!
Brown Pelican 
    The Orange Bowl parade was always held on New Year's Eve with the game New Year's Day. It was televised and, although not as large as the Rose Bowl, it was a close second! I remember going with some U of Miami guys who were showing us around.
1960 Orange Bowl Parade
1960 Orange Bowl Parade
1960 Orange Bowl Parade
1960 Orange Bowl Parade
     Another sight on our list was to see the Fountainebleau Hotel. To us that was the epitome of luxury! It was often featured in movies and in society news. Although we didn't get inside, we were able to drive up to it and gawk!
The Fountainebleau Hotel-built in 1054
Lobby of the Fountainebleau

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