Friday, January 15, 2016

Technology....Gotta' Love It!

     I subscribe to Quilting Arts, a bimonthly magazine for Art Quilters. I get my copies digitally...a little cheaper and always available to read on my iPad. The February-March  issue just downloaded.
Cover of current issue
     In glancing through it, I quickly noticed an article about some one I know! Shruti and I are both members of the Internet challenge group Art Quilters Around The World. Shruti lives in India but we were both at Quilt Con in Austin, Texas last year so we got to meet in person. 
At Quilt Con-Jay and Shruti
     When I saw the article in QA, I immediately sent Shruti a message congratulating her on the article via FB. Within minutes she responded! Said she had not seen it yet,could I send her a picture of it?  Because I have the magazine digital, I couldn't seem to get a copy to send her. Then I had a brilliant thought of bringing up each page on my iPad, taking a picture with my phone then sending them again by FB message!
Table of Contents-Shruti-page 29
First Page of her article
Second page
Third page
Fourth page
     And I am messaging back and forth with Shruti this whole time, too...I, in Texas and she, home in India! I did get the pics taken and sent around the world and Shruti seems quite pleased to get them! She did mention that it would take a long time for the paper copy of QA to reach India.
      As I said, technology, gotta love it!! Ten years ago, I wouldn't have believed it could happen!

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