Tuesday, January 26, 2016


      Spectrum is an online workshop which is a hands on study about increasing creativity. One of the teachers is also the sponsor of Journal 52, another online creativity incentive with weekly prompts. I'm not real good at doing daily or weekly journaling but I do enjoy following what others are doing, getting wonderful creative ideas.
      Back to Spectrum, as a teacher, Effy is offering a free pass to the work shop by holding a drawing for anyone who will write a blog about  Spectrum. So here is the link to her blog which will tell you ALL about the workshop! http://effybird.com/2016/01/spectrum-giveaway/  So check it out!

        You can also go directly to the Sectrum website   http://www.halikarla.com/spectrum/spectrum-2016/    for more info and a list of the teachers for the workshop. 

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