Wednesday, January 20, 2016

studioQ January Meeting

Our January challenge- "Moon Flowers" by David Bates

      Yesterday, we met at Cabbage Rose, a local quilt shop here in Fort Worth. They have a large classroom where they let us meet when we can't meet in one of our homes. One of our long lost members was there for the first time in months! She is our only working girl and her schedule just hasn't worked out to come. She did have some pretty fabulous stuff to show us though.


                 The back of Wendy's

              The front of Wendy's

                                                Wendy's string pinwheel

                    Wendy's first Masterpiece Challenge

                          Wendy's second Masterpiece Challenge

                      Susan wasn't able to get our challenge done so she brought us chocolate!

                  Susan had an antique quilt top to show....rescued from the trash!!!

                         Susan and Kay looking over a couple other rescued quilt tops.

                     Kay's Masterpiece Challenge

                                            Kay....experimenting with color

                    And another study in color by Kay

                                   Examples from a class on stamping by Kay

                                          Rhonda's Masterpiece Challenge

            Andrea's Masterpiece Challenge 
               Heather's Masterpiece Challenge

          My first Masterpiece Challenge...I made the background first, then started sewing on fabric flowers in a collage style. I got tired of sewing so painted some of the flowers and sewed them on!

      My second Masterpiece Challenge...I wasn't real happy with the first one...just not my style so I did a second one which is more me!

         All of our Masterpiece Challenges together!
     Then we ended the meeting by deciding where to gather next month and even more important, where to have lunch, and the lucky winner this month was Railhead BBQ, right across the street from Cabbage Rose. I love this bunch of gal pals! They are always so much fun and talented! They are so supportive and inspiring!


  1. Jay, I was so sorry to miss the meeting! Thanks for posting pictures of the challenge quilts. They are all wonderful!

    1. Wonderful! You all picked a great painting by David Bates. WTG Studio Q.