Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January, Where Are You Going????

     It is the sixth of January already! A comment I made on one of my last blog's in December was that I was going to try not be quite as involved every day with going too much! How's that working out, you ask?  Not so good! My month so far! Past and future!
     -January 1- Brunch at Mimi's with Sister Beverly
     -January 2- Downton Abby Dinner with three neighbor's
     -January 3- Went to the "Y"; had bridge with my 4-some
     -January 4- Went to two classes at the "Y"
     -January 5- Senior lecture to hear Bob Ray Sanders and lunch
     -January 6- two classes at "Y";  UU membership committee meeting and dinner out
     -January 10-To Stage West with a friend
     -January 12-"Y"; Villas Bookclub Meeting ("The Picture of Dorian Gray")
     -January 13- Dinner with my Awesome 4some
     -January 14- "Y"
     -January 15- Trinity Valley Quilters Guild meeting
     -January 16- A conflict!!! Two meetings and I love them both! Women of Westside (WOW) and Studio Art Quillters Association (SAQA) in Dallas! 
     -January 18- studioQ- my gal pals/local art quilters group ( challenge due)
     -January 19- "Y";  Bridge 4some
     -January 21- "Y"; Westside's monthly turn to serve Samaritan House
     -January 24- Greeter/usher at church; UU Bookclub meeting (Sex Wars by Marge Piercy) 
     -January 25- Dr. Appt.
     -January 26- "Y"
     -January 28- "Y"
     -January 30- Annual Rodeo with family/ celebrate daughter's birthday
     -January 31- Art quilters Around the World (AQATW) Challenge due -("My Favorite Book"); Mid Congregational Meeting at Westside

     And these are just the things I have scheduled!!! I also want to get to the Modern to see the current exhibit which is almost over; I plan to see "Star Wars" with my granddaughter before she goes back to college; I have journaling and beading to do; I have my classes at the "Y" twice a week; I try to get to the "Y" three times a week to do my own thing; church on Sundays..Forum and Service; and books to read...and quilts to finish...and tv shows to get caught up on!!! I have always said the word Boredom is not in my vocabulary!
     Maybe February will be a little slower!

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