Sunday, January 31, 2016

Art Quilters Around The World

      I have been a member of AQATW for three or four years now. Many members have come and gone but there are a few old timers! Evert two months we challenge ourselves to create a 12x16 inch art quilt with the selected theme we take turns choosing. This go around was my term and I have chosen the theme of "My Favorite Book"! From comments made on our FB group, several really struggled with theme.  It is interesting to see how others picked their books. If you click on the link for AQATW on my right sidebar you can see everyone's works of arts!
     Being an avid reader I, too, struggled somewhat trying to pick just one! I finally decided to go with a book that had quite an emotional affect on my. My choice is.....The Color Purple" by Alice Walker. I have read many of Walker's books, but somehow this one really grabbed me. In reading it, I found myself crying one minute, and laughing the next. The main character Celie is an abused little black girl, born probably early 1900s, and grows to become a strong intelligent woman. There are other equally interesting and fearful situations about many others in her life that are intricately woven through the book. (And the wonderful movie that came out several years ago was totally slighted by the Oscars, similarly to the last few years of the Oscars!)

      I decided to use an abstract design of many purple fabrics. After piecing and quilting it, I added two black circles to represent Celie and her sister. There is one scene in the movie where she and her sister are playing in a field of flowers. Her sister was able to escape the horrendous childhood that Celie had but they remained very close through years and miles.

         And here is my quilt.....


  1. Wonderful job!!! And it was a great read!

  2. You did a great job both picking the book and making the quilt. Impressive! And, I love the color purple.