Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More "Culture"!

     On Sunday afternoon, I went with my friend Gloria to see "Sexy Laundry" at Stage West, Fort Worth. It is a hilarious short play about a couple seeking a little spark to their 25 year marriage.
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      Gloria has season tickets to the theater and has been very generous in inviting me to go with her. Stage West is a small, intimate theater, and has some wonderful offerings. Here is a list of this season.

     Then yesterday I went with my granddaughter to see "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"! She and the rest of the family went between Christmas and New Years' but that was when I had developed a great cough which I knew would not be welcome in a theater! Kathleen is home from college for a few more days so she offered to go with me! It met expectations....the writers/producers have really set the scene for many more sequels/prequels to come!!! And to those who knocked Carrie Fisher...I thought she looked great!
In a galaxy far, far away.....
      And one more cultural event to report! Yesterday, my Villas book club met. This year we have decided to choose a classic to read each month. January's pick is "The Picture of Dotian Gray". I thought I had read it previously but after getting into it, I am sure I had not. We are going to watch the film, also a classic, next week and compare the and movie.
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