Saturday, January 9, 2016

Senior Citizens Alliance and Visit to the Modern

    Wednesday I went to Trinity Terrace to a meeting of the Senior Citizens Alliance of Fort Worth. It is an organization catering, obviously, to Seniors so I thought I ought to  check it out for future reference when I qualify as a Senior! And I had never been to Trinity Terrace of Fort Worth and was curious about it.
Trinity Terrace Senior Living-Fort Worth, Texas
       My daughters and I had " the discussion" awhile back of " what to do with Mom"! ( I am the one who initiated this discussion!)  Other than the Inuit way of putting elderly on an ice floe, I told them I do not want them to be the ones to take care of me when I reach a point of not being able to take care of myself! So alternatively, there are many assisted living places in the area and I am taking it upon myself to create lists ....yes, no, and maybe! I have one on my "no" list and think I would put Trintiy Terrace on my "yes" list.....with a little more research.
     But I digress, as I easily do! Back to yesterday...another reason I accepted the invitation was to hear that wonderful writer/ journalist Bob Ray Sanders speak! I had heard him many years ago when he still wrote for the Star Telegram, and I was not disappointed to hear him again! He is entertaining and informative. He told a story of how a bench with a bronze of Mark Twain sitting on it ended up in Trinity Park. And a lady there had a photo copy of an article with a picture of Sanders sitting on the bench which he signed for her. She then had photo copies made and gave each of us one!
Article by Bob Ray Sanders
     And yesterday after a great lunch at On the Border with the Villas Lunch Bunch, I went to the Modern Art Gallery to see the art exhibit of Kehinde is only here for a few more days and did not want to miss it!! He is a fabulous young artist; works in oils and bronzes. 
Bronze by Wiley
Another bronze by Wiley
Large oil painting by Wiley
One of the galleries at the an idea of the size of his works!
     He has a real interesting perspective on art, blending old styles with contemporary models. There were four short documentaries made in various countries where he traveled to study the people and get them to model for him...Haiti, Brazil, and others. He takes extensive photographs of his subjects, then places them in a classic poses with ornate William Morris-like backgrounds. Be sure to click on his name above to go to his website to listen to his discussion of his work.

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