Sunday, February 7, 2016

Memory Monday

      I missed posting last week because I had to get my AQATW posted and it was giving me a lot of trouble! So now I'm back with more of my college days! Heading into second semester my Sophomore year. We just returned from the Orange Bowl; now time to buckle down and study for first semester finals.  As I have mentioned before, I was not a stellar student! So study I must!

     I was living in my sorority house where making good grades was very important! We were to be in our rooms from 7:00-10:00 pm with one break, studying. There were Senior monitors sitting in the halls to make sure we didn't get out! My best friend, also a pledge, had the room around the corner from mine. In looking at the picture of the house, she was in the room to the right of the door, second floor, and my room was in the shadow, facing the door. We thought we were so smart, rigging up a pulley system with a basket between our windows to pass snacks, etc.....until we got caught! If only I had applied that much effort to my studies, I would have done much better...but I was all about the fun! (Keep in mind I am just nineteen!)
        Unfortunately concentrated study didn't do enough for me. I had been on University scholastic probation and once again, my grades were pretty bad. Somehow I lucked out and the University did not dismiss me! But  I decided to "dismiss" myself from sorority life after a series of events. As a pledge, I had the dubious position of waking up upper class girls so they would not be late for their classes. Those that wanted the "service" signed up with us, letting us know what time they needed to be awakened. This one girl I had to wake up was not a morning person...but I did my job and went in to wake her. Since she did not get up the first time, I went back two or three times. On the last try, she actually threw a shoe at me! I did not go back, and she overslept! 
     Another event...although I could not vote, I sat in on some of the discussions when decisions on who to ask to join our sorority were held. It only took one active to vote "no" to keep some one out. There was this darling Hispanic girl who had been rushed but when the vote came up, one girl black balled her because of her race!
    These two events came close to my grades coming in which meant I still could not become an active. So I decided life as a four semester pledge (because they did vote for me to stay one more semester) as well as being associated with a racist and a raving B-word person, was not for me. I was able to get a room in the dorms; when I called my parents to tell them I was moving out of the house, my mom came dashing over...a three hour try to talk me out of it. 
      My mom never had the opportunity to attend college so she wanted the whole scene for her daughters. And in her mind sororitires were part of the package.  Once I explained the situation to her, she agreed and was supportive. Now, don't get me wrong...sororities are wonderful institutions; both my daughter and granddaughter are members of the same sorority I was involved with and in their situations, it has been very positive experiences for them. And at least three of my "sisters" have remained lifelong friends.
      Thus I started second semester as an Independent, living in a dormitory.

     This is Jones Hall...the brand new dorm I lived in my Freshman year. And this is not me but is exactly like my room there. We had a sink in our room and common showers down the hall. The picture below was a lounge area on every other floor. Three buildings with the cafeteria in the middle and all were joined by underground tunnels! It was pretty nice for the times.

     This is a picture I found on the Internet! Jones Hall being demolished 2015...making way for the future! Of course, it would have been over fifty years old!!! Obsolete by some standards!

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