Saturday, February 27, 2016

Memory Monday

      As I said last week I was a real brat at Illinois College. They had everything a large school had and probably more...but I had been introduced to the BIG campus of Mizzou...all my friends were there...I missed them sorely!
       IC had fraternities and sororities but they were not National. Anyone who was anyone belonged to them, especially the girls. It was unheard of to not belong! I've already told of my rather bad sorority experience so with that and my desire to have nothing to do with the collegiate life there, I refused to partake. Unfortunately there are consequences to all actions and my rebellious ways were caught up by my dorm suite mates. That would have been okay with the ones my age who were in similar circumstances but one of the girls was a Freshman, a cute little girl who had a sister my age on campus, a real Junior and a "wheel". When the little sister decided to also rebel, I was "invited" to meet with these important upper class gals. And actually I did realize the bad influence I was having on the little sister. So I relented...I talked little sis into joining the sister's life style; that under different circumstances I, too, would have joined...that I was there for only the one year; she had her whole college career before her, etc., etc.. 
     But...with all that, I still reveled in being a Gamma Delta Iota (GDI or G--Damn Independent)!! About six girls and I joined about 15 boys in forming the first Illinois College chapter! One of the guys even developed a coat of arms for us which we silk screened onto sweatshirts. We had weekly meetings, coinciding with the traditional TGIF celebrations!
This not our exact Coat of Arms, but very similar!

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