Saturday, March 7, 2009

We need rain!!

It is really dry here in our part of Texas. The forecast is for everyone, cross your fingers that we will get a lot!! If we don't, I fear for the wildfires that pop up because it is really windy, too. And there are always some fool out there who flicks cigarettes ashes out the car window...or even the whole cigarette butt!

Today I worked on books for my quilting guild library. Several months ago a dear friend and member passed away from cancer and she was quite the avid book collector! She left all her quilting books to the guild. Many of the books were already in our library (of which I am the librarian) so we put the duplicates in our annual book sale. The others, about 100, are to be added to our inventory, so that is what I have been doing. Thank goodness for spread sheets! I can just add and merge the new titles and info into the old.

This evening, daughter Marti, son Graham, grands, Kathleen and Colin came out for dinner and to see the pics of our trip. We grilled salmon...from the Christmas present of Alaskan salmon my brother sent. Yummy!!! Then we put the CD in the tv and watched a slide show of pics. After about 15 minutes, the grands drifted to read, the other to play on the computer. I'll admit, I do get carried away on the number of pics I take, alway with the idea I will delete many, but somehow, can never decide which to delete!!

Daughter Andrea in California just sent an email about her plan to do the three-day Walk for the Cure in San Francisco next October. She needs to raise her money for the walk and has sent out a very nice email to that effect. If anyone would like to help her, just let me know and I will pass her info on to you.

And I am now registered on the Quilting Bloggers, an International group of people. So I am hoping to start getting some response to my efforts! I think I am ready to put myself out there, so will send my blog address to a group of my friends and family!

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  1. If you would like to have a link to my 3 Day Walk page add to your page, let me know and I can send you the HTML and help you get it set up.

    Other than that, great blog!! Very interesting and I like the color scheme, very soothing.