Friday, March 6, 2009


I don't know why "TGIF" is important to me....since retiring, all days are about the same...really wonderful! Who knew I would be so busy after quiting work!

Today, I went to a memorial service for my friend, Anne's husband Bob. It was held at the chapel on TCU campus...very pretty building; I had not been there before. The reception afterwards was very crowded so we of studio Q didn't stay around. There were six of us there and five of us went to lunch at Blue favorite Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth; much more like New Mexican food compared to Texmex.

Then I went to the library to get my card renewed. I had gotten on the internet last week to renew my books and I couldn't do so as my card had expired!! All that means is every two years or so they want to check to see if you are at the same address, etc. I am reading "The Widows of Eastwick" by John Updike now...very amusing! I think I appreciate it better than the "The Witches..." but it has been quite a while since I read that.

My brother Jack in Illinois called last night ..we talked quite awhile. I haven't spoken to him for a long time. Sandi, his wife has gotten on "My Face" but I wasn't able to look at her albums she has on there. I will have to email her and ask how to get on. Fran is enjoying her computer (my cousin who had stroke about a year ago). I need to email her and send her some pictures of our trip to California.

On that trip we also visited the Saguaro National Forest outside of Tucson and the Joshua Tree Nat'l Park in California. I'll post a couple of pics from there.

This is from the Saguaro National Forest.

And this picture is a Joshua Tree...looks nothing like what I thought a Joshual tree really looked like! They are all over Southern California...desert areas.

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