Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks, readers

I do have a correction to make of my last blog...Dick (husband) was the first to catch my "error" and he subtly said "that is pretty amazing that the birds would be flying South this time of year"! So now we ALL know I am a little directionally challenged!! I do a little better with right/left but not much! Sad to say, both of our daughters have inherited their mother's ability! And here we have a male in the family who amazes everyone with being the one who always know which direction is which!!!

Andrea, I am looking forward to having your 3Day info to put on here. I sent out your email letter to many people and hope they will respond. I just forwarded you a couple that I have already heard from.

I really like posting pictures so I think I will just randomly try to post one on each blog! Here are a couple more from the 900 plus!! Now, you must know also that probably at least 75 % of the pictures I take when traveling are taken from a moving car...then about 15% while walking; about 5% at rest stops; and the last 5% are actually planned! Many of the pictures I take at rest stops are really some of my best...I am thinking of publishing a book..."Rest Stops Across America". Catchy title, huh?

Snow storm in Southern Arizona: a rare shot of cactii and snow! (taken at a rest stop!)

Sunset from our motel in Bakersfield, CA
I was fascinated by these green mountains in California. And there were cattle grazing on them! They really had to dig in their hooves to keep from tipping over! (Anyone ever been cow tipping?)


  1. This has to be the prettiest picture I have ever seen from Bakersfield. LOL!

  2. Beautiful sunset!!!

    My grandfather gave driving directions using north/south/east/ in:
    "When you get to the 3rd light, turn west...."
    What's up with that!!!???

  3. Paula - My dad has pretty much learned with the three of us in the family that he needs to tell us left right otherwise we all just look at him as if he has acquired a third eye!!

  4. Mom-I liked my title better "Where to Stop When You Have to Go"

    Nice blog by the way. Maybe I can do one just in the summer.:)

  5. I love the palm trees and snow!