Friday, March 20, 2009

Hummingbirds have arrived!

I put out one of my humming bird feeders a couple of weeks ago as I have had them as early as the first of March...but no such luck this year. But it did get pretty chilly again and then the wonderful rain. So today, March 20, one showed up and has visited the feeder several times so I think he is here to stay. I'll wait a few days then put out a couple more feeders. We usually don't see more than one to five off and on the early part of spring, but by late summer into the fall we will have dozens of them at a time!! More fun to watch! Pretty cheap entertainment, as I make the food for them myself!

Today, the Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild of Fort Worth (TVQG)had our monthly meeting. Interesting speaker albeit a little windy!! She had some gorgeous quilts to share with us, but her lecture was a little bit long and she seemed to talk to us as though we had never worked with color or quilted before. So we were a little late getting out! I ran by Cabbage Rose, one of my favorite quilt shops ( as I wanted to get some fabric with my gift certificate I rec'd at Christmas from my daughter...don't ask how I managed to hang on to it as long as I did!! Our Donation Quilt for the 2009 show is just about ready for its public appearance...I put the sleeve to hang it on yesterday and need to finish up the label to put on the back. I want to get everyone's name on the label who had anything to do with the blocks, quilting, binding, etc.

We always have a "show and tell" (just like Kindergarten!) at the meetings. The Bridesmades all brought our small quilts to show off! One thing I do want to do with mine is tone down the bright white of the center. I used the white satin from one of the gowns and the dark rays are from some velvet that my quilter daughter gave me a few years ago; then all surrounded by a colorful batic. After my friends did such a wonderful job of adding the very colorful batiks, I thing the white is way too bright!! I'll need to practice on some scrap fabric I have!

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