Thursday, March 12, 2009

Planning ahead

A couple of days ago, Dick made our reservations for a trip to Alaska on the Alaskan Ferry line. We will drive to Bellingham, WA, board the ferry, be on it for four nights until Juneau, AK. Then we change ferries, and go to Whittier, AK. From then on, we will be driving....going up to Denali, and on to Fairbanks, then drive the AlCan Highway home via Canada....seeing lots of things on the way home.

This is a slide taken in 1965 of a glacier in Prince Rupert Sound. We took a little boat trip from Whittier when we were up there. The only way to get to Whittier at that time was by train through the mountain, or by boat.

When we were first married (45 years ago), Dick was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Alaska for two years. We were low ranked so lived off base in poor people housing....we didn't know it and didn't care...young and stuff!! Our first daughter was born up there. We always wanted to do the drive again, and to see what Anchorage looks like now, so here we go!! It is not until the end of the summer, but we had to get reservations early to get what we want.

We were up there right after the big earthquake in 1964. This is some of the damage that occured and had not been cleaned up yet. Every one was dated by whether they were there before or after the earthquake.
We are very excited about it and that time of year is not too bad a time to be away from Texas!!

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  1. The trip sounds fantastic. I bet you are looking forward to it. Welcome to the fun world of blogging. I'll bookmark your page and stay in touch. Cheers!