Monday, March 16, 2009

Round Robin exchange

Today, after the board meeting which was interesting...six of us went to lunch...five of the Bridesmades and another friend. At the restaurant we presented our completed blocks to the rightful owner, the one who did the original block. The block has now become a small quilt top, ready to be put together...quilted, embellished, etc. We were all very pleased with the results. Amazingly enough, the quilts ended up all about the same size...and it was really neat the way everyone attempted (successfully) to add borders that would fit the original block, enhancing it, rather than taking out on their own to change the original idea. Here is a picture of the five of us outside the restaurant. We are going to show our quilts at the guild meeting on Friday.

This is a picture of my quilt...I did the first inner block and the others added the borders. Today is the first time I have seen it since we started over a year ago!


  1. Very pretty!! I love Round long as everybody involved are on the same "playing field", so to speak.

  2. It was fun! And our quilts are fabulous -- I am so impressed with us!

  3. Great looking quilts! Fabulous looking bridesmaids!

  4. Hi Jay- nice quilts - how lucky for you to have a successful round robin - some are more so than others!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - hope to see you again some time...

  5. Mary...I didn't know you had a blog!! Thanks for the compliments. Send me your blog address.

    And Kate, I love your blog...I read it all the time, I just don't always comment!


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