Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cooking, chatting, computing

Looks like the three C's have it! Today, I spent some time cooking some things to take to my friend Anne tomorrow. Her husband Bob passed away last Sunday and I know she has a lot of family coming in. I made one of my coffee cakes which my husband (and whole family) are very fond of, so I will now have to make another one for Saturday when we are having the kids out for dinner and picture viewing. They have not seen pics from our trip to San Francisco to see daughter Andrea.

Sunrise from Andrea's apartment-San Francisco

Sunset from Andrea's apt. - SF

These are just a couple of the over 900 pics I took on our trip. We did go by car from Texas to California and made many stops on the way so not all pics are of SF!

My other C's...chatting with niece Debby in Illinois on Monday. All fine; one great nephew in Irag due to leave, the other going to Iraq in a couple of months. Chatting with friend Debbie in Glen Rose, meeting them for dinner for Tex mex next week.

And the last C...we got the hookup for the wireless so we have the laptop from Andrea up and running!! Fun to both be on the computers at the same time...really works well! We are glad to have it....mostly for trips, but I think we will get use out of it here at home also!

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  1. San Francisco sunrise and sunsets are gorgeous!