Saturday, March 21, 2009

Botanical Garden Center

Today, Dick and I went to the Botanical Garden Center in Fort Worth to attend a seminar on water conservation put on by the Ft. W. Water Dept. Very informative! We are going to install some rain barrels to catch water and use in the irrigating flower beds etc.. During the break, I went outside and took some pictures in the courtyard. There were other speakers, too... a guy who talked about growing herbs and veggies, a question/answer session with the "experts", and a tour of the Water Conservation Gardens....full of plants that will grow in Texas and don't require much watering...just what we want.
We already have several plants that were recommended but discovered many others. There is a website which has hundreds of plant ideas I will be checking out. Also the website was suggested for information. And another one, was given to find out just how much watering one needs to do. We were told (which we kinda already knew) that most people water 'way more than they need to!
All in all a very interesting morning...then a yummy lunch at the Swiss Bakery on Vickery in Ft.W.

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