Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And More Rain!!!

If you live in a "wet" area, you cannot appreciate the excitement we have over rainfall!!! It can get so dry here...and we seem to be in a particulary dry pocket. While others around us get two-three inches of rain, we will get maybe one to one and a half. But I am not complaining...we have learned to try to grow things that seem to be able to tolerate dry conditions. The year we built our retirement house, ten years ago, it was so dry the grasshoppers were like the plague!! No kidding, they were so bad we could not get anything to grow...even grass! And they were eating the paint off the house in places! Walking across the yard would create a cloud of the critters, scattering before you. We have not had it that bad since and hope we never do!!!

So today, I enjoyed just staying in and watching the rain!! It has really cooled off too; is to be in the high 30's tonight which is pretty cool for us. I hope it rains all this week then clears off for next week. The grands and their mom have spring break and we are all going to take the train to Dallas to go to the King Tut exhibit. When my daughters were young, the very same exhibit was being shown in three cities in the U.S. One of those was Chicago, so my kids, mom, and about six of my relatives, traveled there (we were living in the Kansas City area then) to see it. Now here we are repeating history!!

While in Dallas, we plan to visit the Nasher Art Gallery too. It is a wonderful small gallery, near the Dallas Museum of Art. They have a fantastic sculpture garden I want the kids to see. Art museums/galleries and libraries are two things we visit every chance we get, where ever we are. We are very fortunate to have wonderful, internationally known art museums in Fort Worth, which we frequent often.

One of my favorite scuptures at the Nasher. The "people" are lifesize.

And another one..a Henry Moore.

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  1. Jay, I'm so glad you have joined the blogging world! Enjoy the Nasher -- it's one of my favorite places in Dallas.

    More rain today (it's raining this morning) and tomorrow. Hooray!