Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have rain!!

We actually had about 17 and 1/2 drops of rain this morning....give or take a couple! But the forecast is really good for the next three days! I may have to get out there and do a rain dance, but we just watched "Eleventh Hour" this evening and it was all about getting hit by lightening so I may have to rethink that plan.

We had an exciting evening...Dick and I. We went to Walmart and what a challenge just driving around the parking lot! There were people coming at us from all directions!! But we parked 'way out....getting our exercise...and watchfully walked in. Dick did park kind of catiwampus, straddling the line, pulling thru which made us pulling out the wrong way...but decided it was OK....just doing it the Walmart Way!! Then the real (seriously) hilight was meeting some friends, two of our poker pals, for Texmex. We had not had our Texmex fix since we had returned.

But we did have some good Mexican on the road...La Mesilla in Las Cruces, NM., a little restaurant in San Francisco with Andrea, and Little Anita in Old Albuquerque, NM. I have one pic of the inside of the SF restaurant I really like...I also have one of Andrea and me but she was not too happy with my photography at that time so I won't post it!

Decor on wall inside restaurant at SF.

Snow at, can you guess, a rest stop in Arizona on the way back to Texas.
The wind is really picking up outside...maybe we are in for some storms!!


  1. Next time you are in Las Cruces you should go to Old Mesilla and try La Posta(great mexican food!)

  2. Oh, Diane, I am so glad you told me that...La Posta is what I meant!! You are so right; that is where we ate!