Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip to see King Tut

Bright and early Tuesday morning, eight of us drove into Fort Worth to board the commuter train to Dallas....about an hour ride. Then, once in Big D, we boarded another train for about 15 minutes to take us near the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA). We had to walk a couple of blocks, but our timing was perfect. We were able to watch a short film before our time to see the exhibit. It was very girls and I had seen the same thing about 30 years ago, and I don't think they had quite as much stuff, but still I think everyone enjoyed it. All were starving by the time we got out, so had lunch then went to the Nasher Scuplture Center ( which I think everyone liked even better!! Then we all boarded trains in reverse and ended up back in Fort Worth. Good time had by all....even my hermit husband who really hates crowds...and there were crowds!!!! He is taking the picture!

Our two grands and their cousin were the stars of these two pictures.

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