Monday, March 23, 2009

My gripe of the month

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is in trouble....all newspapers are in trouble. So many people get their news, etc off the Internet that I am wondering if newspapers are becoming obsolete. I would hope not because there is a need for the printed word. So I do understand the need to cut back on size, but I do not agree on the decisions of what to cut out!! "NonSequiter" was one of my favorite funnies, and to drop one of the two crossword puzzles is a disaster!! Dick and I would each work one every morning with our coffee. We don't watch television during breakfast; we read the paper!! So the new arrangement of the paper has really messed up our morning routine! This morning for instance, I had to do the New York Times crossword puzzle instead of my usual one. (Actually it was not so bad....and change is don't tell the Star that I am not too upset by this. I have already fired off my complaint to them!!)

But I do wish NonSequiter was still there!!!!!

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  1. I am upset about Non-sequitor, too. One of my favorites.

    Brian and I love to read the newspaper, so much so that we get both the Star-Telegram and the Dallas Morning News. However, since they are sharing staff now there is a lot of repetition.

    I hate to see newspapers go the way of the dinosaurs...