Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zentangle Challenge #97

Happy First Day of December to everyone!!!  That means only 24 days until Christmas!! Wow!  Where has this year gone???  I guess I better get busy on my Christmas shopping!  I am not one of those persons who has all their shopping and wrapping done by Thanksgiving...more like a "finished on Christmas Eve".  I have become an internet shopper though...Bless!!!!

I remember my mom shopping last minute...she never wanted to disappoint any of us so if we should happen to mention something we REALLY wanted a day or two before Christmas, she would try her best to either make it or buy it!  I grew up in a very small rural town in Illinois....everyone knew everyone...and many a Christmas Eve she would be tromping through the snow around the square, getting last minute gifts. She was even known to call a merchant at home to ask him/her to open up a shop for a late purchase! And because she was well known and well loved, they would accommodate her!  Can you see that happening today????

But my real reason for this post is to enter my Zentangle Challenge #97.  This week the Diva challenged us to create a tile without using a "string".  A string is a freely drawn line on the tile to create sections to help define areas to design.  I like doing without a string once in awhile....more freedom to create.

Zentangle #97


  1. Your tile looks full of freedom! Beautiful.

  2. Basking in the light your lines are so vibrant! I love them!

  3. A great zentangle - they are such a good way to 'free' yourself up aren't they? And I love your comments about Christmas. With a full time job and what could be a full time hobby it all gets a bit panicky here!