Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wreaths

Cellophane Christmas Wreath-circa 1940-50
When I was a kid, my mom was a decorating genius!!!  She LOVED Christmas and all the traditions and glitter that went with it.  She had a wreath like the one above in every room in the house.  How we kept from being electrocuted,  I will never know as she had extension cords all over the place...and she kept the wreathes lit all night long from the first Sunday of Advent until after Christmas! These cords would not have been the heavy duty type with great safety outlets like we have today! And no such thing as smoke alarms!!

I didn't know how dangerous this could be...I just knew I loved going to sleep in the warm glow of a red bulb.  It cast such a dreamy quality all over the room..and they would be hung behind paper window shades at night...another fire hazard!!  But we all survived...and the wreathes are a memory I will cherish, but not try to replicate!

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  1. What a sweet memory of your mom and her creative holiday decor. It was a simpler time and we didn't know about all the safety issues we are aware of these days. Oh, the bad things that could of happened! Yikes!