Monday, December 10, 2012

Creative Crones of studioQ-December Meeting

Today, my studioQ art group met....we usually meet on the last Monday of the month, but since the last Monday of November was the Monday after Thanksgiving and the last Monday of December is New Year's Eve, we decided to combine the two months into one

My Challenge Block - "Wish Upon a Star"
Our challenge for this month 12 X 12  was "Wish Upon a Star".  I chose to use a paper pieced pattern for my challenge.  And somewhere years ago, I had started to collect Star patterned this was a perfect opportunity to use of some of it...and I probably have enough left to make a couple dozen quilts!!!!  I need to quilt and embellish the block to finish it.

Beth's Challenge "......Star"
Kay's Challenge "...Star"..the top-wool applique; bottom- done with her handdyes from our last meeting
Rhonda's very abstract  ".....Star"
Lynn did a journal page for her "....Star" challenge
Three or four years ago, one of our members had started a "Block of the Month".  She got the center finished then decided she didn't want to finish the we all took a block, were going to get it finished, sell it and use the money to go to lunch!!!  It took all this time to get the blocks completed...I have had it for several months to put together, then pass on to another crone who does embroidery, and then our long arm quilter will do the quilting...someone will add the binding and off we got to "market"!!

Here it is on my design wall!

A Team Effort!!1


  1. Would y'all be willing to finish my block of the month, which is the same pattern, for me? :-)

  2. Tasks are easier when you share them. Good idea. I have a collection of star themed fabrics in my stash as well and try to incorporate at least one of them on each project I make.

  3. the challenge pieces are so much fun to see and it's quite clear that you have a very diverse group.

    the team effort looks wonderful so far~!