Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The First, Last and Only.....and Zentangle #99

Okay..this is 12-12-12...and I am blogging for that one and only reason....almost!  I want to have a blog with this date on it!  I have recently had a yen to do some journaling...have even made a new journal..painted pages, stitched, ready to go....but for some reason, I have to start new things of this nature on "special" dates..first of the month...first of the year...etc.  So this was to be my journal for the new year, 1213. Then when I was sharing this peculiarity with my Creative Crones, Beth who is the star "journalist" in our midst, reminded me of  this magical date!!!  Therefore, this journal will be dedicated to DATES!  Starting with today!

My daughter got me a copy of "Journal Fodder: 365 Days of Journaling" by Eric Scott and David Modler...and this one MUST begin on January 1!!  So I will just have to get myself another journal going!!!  The book is month by month, so I think I will make 12 small journals..then put them altogether at the year's end.

And this week the Diva gave us the challenge of doing a Loop Border on the tile.  Go to her website to see what that is all about.  Here is my tile:

Zentangle #99
Next week will be the Diva's 100th challenge...she has promised something special!!


  1. Happy 12/12/12 and Your looped challenge is very nicely done!

  2. love the idea of doing smaller monthly journals and binding them all together at the end of the year.

    i've seen the book and wondered if it was any good. some of the reviews are positive but not all of them. you'll have to tell me how you feel about it once you've had some time to get into it a bit.


  3. You made a great tile here. I ove the subtile Christmas branches in it.

  4. Very unique, love the way Verdigogh peeks through your spirals and the touch of red on Keeko works beautifully. Nice job.