Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Memories and Zentangle #98

The First Sunday of Advent

Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent..we are new members of the Unitarian/Universalist Church...and are throroughly enjoying the experience.  Both of us have gotten somewhat fed up with "organized religion" and have been looking for something a bit different, which we have found with UU.  We love the complete acceptance of all beliefs, races, political thinking, tolerance of all...creed, color, or sexual orientation!  

And this is our first experience with Christmas in a non-denominational setting.  Although the "birth of Christ"is not the main focus....the waiting for something and being open to change seemed to me to be the point of the Reflections (not sermons, just personal thoughts given).

I come from a Catholic upbringing and I do have some great memories of growing up in that church even though I have become somewhat disenchanted as an adult.   As a kid myself, Advent in the home wasn't that big of a deal...just on Sunday at church.  I loved the readings we would hear; and the idea of "preparation"   I did really like the idea and tried to set up the symbolic Advent Wreath with my kids...when I would remember!

So for the rest of this month, or until Christmas, I am going to focus on what is happening in the present and give my own "Reflections" about memories I have of times past!  As well as my usual postings of Zentangle challenges!! And other stuff!!

This week's zentangle challenge from the Diva comes from another designer Donna Hornsby with her tangle "Keenees". To see how to draw this tangle, go to her link.  And look how early I am!!!  This challenge just came out today!!

Here is my Challenge for the Week:

Challenge #98-Keenees


  1. I love how they appear to be flowers...what a wonderful allusion! The keenee are beautifully done!

  2. I like the contrast of big and tiny circles. very nice effect

  3. I love your Keenees design and your focus on your past memories.
    Memories is what help shape us, although there are times in our lives to sometimes try something new. Have a nice holiday.

  4. Looks like a pillow of bubbles! Love it :)

  5. I agree with Mrs Wibbs, it is like a pillow bubbles! Nice.

  6. Love the treatment of keenness. And that edging is divine!

  7. I love your tile, it's lovely bubbly.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion about religion. This UU seems very loving towards all people.

  8. Wow, you did great shading job on your keenees. I do like your border, make it look like torn paper. Great

  9. Oooooooo.. floating keenees. Love the shading and the border too. Nicely done!