Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas way!!

I spent a couple of hours doing my Christmas Shopping today.  I have most of it finished...just a few items to pick up for the stockings and a couple of surprises for the grands.   Back to Christmas memories...I already made mention of my mom and her crazy Christmas Eve shopping...I have been almost as guilty as to waiting until the last minute.  But with the coming of the Internet, all I need to do is to make sure I get my orders in so that I can get everything mailed to me in time!

My whole family is really into the idea of wish lists...everyone will list much more than they are going to get...leaving a little element of surprise...sign on, make choices...then just click-click and it is done!!  Now to those who love shopping....the search for the perfect gift...the triumph of matching the gift to the person receiving...will not understand my absolute love of this method of shopping!!  The gifting, although fun, is not the greatest part of Christmas....the family, games, laughter, food, friendship, etc. mean  more to me.

I always thought my mom would love the Internet...she had such a curiosity of life and would love to be able to Google information...but I don't think she would like Internet shopping.  The search and discovery; the finding the "just right" gift was what she enjoyed most.  And then the wrapping!!!  I'll save that for another post!!

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