Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

One last memory for this year...again, my mom...In her wonderous decorating, she had cut out letters in gold of the words from a song..."Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!"  Each year she would place the words on the brick wall above their fireplace.  It was then and still is a beautiful sentiment!

In 1979, my mom and dad rented a four-plex in Kissemee, Florida at Christmas with the invitation, that if we could all get there, they wanted to treat the whole family to a Florida holiday!  Well, we all made it sister and her family, my cousins, my brother, and even my 83 year old grandma!  We had a wonderful time...each going their own way sometimes, and doing things together other times.

But it WAS Christmas, so as well as having a tree, decorated, in their apt., and enough food to feed the whole city (and my mom was a wonderful cook!), Mom had brought with her from Illinois her cut out wordings; had attached them to the wall in the hall for all of us to see when we first walked in!

My daughters, a niece and a nephew under Mom's sign!

And I found this You Tube connection to share with all of you!! Enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

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  1. Lovely memory. Merry Christmas to you and your amity xxx