Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost a New Year

Almost a new year....and I am ready to say "goodbye" to 2012!!  Really looking forward to a new start!  A new year is always such a terrific opportunity to open up a new chapter; to refresh all those ideas/projects that didn't get done and to create a new slate of things to accomplish!

One of my fellow art quilters Linda Moran..from the blog "Art Quilts from Around the World" starting a "plan" for organizing and planning to help really "get things done"! So I have decided to attempt to follow her plan through the foreseeable future.  I can always use a helping hand on organization!

She first recommends the following steps:

1. Reflect on what I have finished throughout the past year and reflect positively on here goes!

  • Nine 12" blocks for my Creative Crones' Challenges (well, made all but not all completely finished)
  • Art quilt with beading...done and entered in Guild Show...won 2nd place
  • Guild Challenge for show.."100 Years of Girls Scouting"...won top prize.
  • Miniature log cabin for show...won 3rd place.
  • Finished thread painting of tree...entered in prize.
  • Finished "An Unusual 4-Patch"...entered in prize.
  • Made a journal with felting on cover for the Felt For Peace project and mailed it off to my person in Greece.
  • Participated in the 2012 Cotton Robin Challenge...loved it!
  • Made Potato Baking Sacks for gifts.
  • Participated in The Diva's weekly Zentangle challenge every week.
  • Participated in the Bright Owl's Zendala weekly challenge.
  • Survived some pretty heavy medical concerns with my buddy!
  • Read too many books to list.
  • Traveled to Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arkansas (twice).
2. Identify what I did not get finished!
  • Started my "Unusual Lone Star" quilt for our bed.
  • Have five of my Crone challenges to finish.
  • Started to participate in a Color Challenge only half done.
  • Started to participate in the Scrap Quilt Block Challenge...dropped out after three months.
3. Start a list for the new year:
  • Do bi-monthly challenges with Art Quilters Around the World.
  • Do monthly challenges with Beading Journal Blog.
  • Participate in Cotton Robin-2013
  • Finish the 12" block for Crones
  • Finish the quilt for our bed.
  • Make a quilt for the guest room bed.
  • Keep a journal for the year/ do more mixed media experiments.
  • Finish the Color Challenge of the month blocks and make something with them.
  • Continue with the Crones' Challenges for the new year.
4. And lastly, share my accomplishments with others.
  • Am working on my first Art Quilters' challenge-self portrait.  Follow our blog.
  • Have started preparing for my journal writing using my new book "365 Days..."


  1. Sounds like a great plan and perhaps one that I too should follow...

    By the way, it does seem to load a little faster.

  2. Ummm...sounds to me like you must be VERY organized to have gotten all that done! It's really quite a list. And...Thanks for the links.