Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Memories-Christmas Stockings

A Needlepoint Stocking
When I was a kid, Christmas stockings were a big deal!  I think my mom would add things to her stash all year 'round to surprise us with at Christmas.  Our stockings would be almost the high light of the morning...full of really neat stuff!  My sister and I kept up this tradition with our kids....we never lived in the same town with our families but we would get together at our mom and dad's.  I would always have my kids' stockings at our house, but then they would get another one at "Grandma's" with their cousins.

My sister, being older, was to become a Grandmother before me..when her first grandson was born, she decided to make him a needlepoint stocking.  But before she could finish it, she became ill and was unable to do any kind of needle work...so I volunteered to finish it for her.  It came out so cute, I decided that I would make one for her second grandson....then the third...then a couple of granddaughters...eight in all!  By then I was a Grandmother so I wanted to make one for my first...then my second!  As time went on, I felt I should make the stockings for my husband's side of the family as our nieces and nephews were beginning to have children!!

All in all, between both sides of our families, I have made seventeen needle point stockings...the oldest grandchild..my sister's...is now 29 and the youngest and most recent is now two!!!  Some of the older grands are now having their own children, but I decided that generation would just have to get their stockings from somewhere else!!!!

Another little item I want to share is that I have joined another blog group...It is "Bead Journal Project". (Notice the new logo on my sidebar/left. ) I love beading...and this looks like a perfect opportunity to stretch my wings in that direction.  I have really enjoyed doing the zentangle challenges and am going to finish out the year with the Diva's, but, although I will continue following them and occasionally doing the challenges, I am ready to move on with other challenges.

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