Saturday, December 8, 2012

Open House for the Holidays/Dare #34

     Tomorrow we are hosting the neighborhood Open House..for many years, we or someone of the neighbors have opened our door to our neighbors.  We are in a community of about 14 homes...all ages; on 2 to 4 acres of land each.  And, even though we do not see each other very often socially,  there is not one neighbor I would not hesitate to call on if in need!  Not only is it a beautiful neighborhood is beautiful in spirit!!

Each year, my husband makes his now famous chili!  This year he made two batches as he found a new recipe to a little milder (my choice) than the hotter (his choice)! And each year, the neighbors bring a snack to share and a sweet treat to "exchange" with the recipe.  We usually have sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and all sorts of beverages provided by the hosts.

My memory of such parties from when my mom and dad would throw them is a bit different.  In the '40s and 50's when they would have a party, they would all dress up...cocktail dresses, suits and ties, etc. (we are more the jeans and Christmas t-shirt crowd).   And again, my mom....hostess with the mostest...would elaborately decorate the house...all her own work or directions to my dad.  She would come up with the most interesting hors d'oeuvre...and this was a hard working/ hard drinking group of people!! Adult parties only!!!  We would be ushered off to bed, but usually peeking out the door to see all the elegant trappings the women would wear....until we got caught!!

There was this one friend of theirs who had my sister and me terrified!  She had a real gravelly voice...and loud!  A large woman with a very commanding appearance...she was a cheek pincher, too...all affectionately...but still when Frances spoke...we listened!!  As I grew into adulthood, I realized she was much more bark than bite!!

And I finally finished the Dare Challenge for this week from the Bright Owl.....

Dare # 34

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  1. Your zendala is really great! Hope you have a good time with the neighbours, what a lovely idea!